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Cannabis Cultivation

Delving into the rich archives of cannabis cultivation reveals a story far older and more intricate than many might imagine. With roots stretching back thousands of years, cannabis cultivation has woven itself into the fabric of human existence. Ancient records from China even date its use back to the 28th century B.C.E.
Fast forward to the present day and the cannabis plant stands as one of the most iconic and distinctive plants in the world, but not many people know how it’s grown.
Cannabis cultivation is a multi-step process using many different methods, each affecting the final product. As such, we’ll dive into the various methods of cannabis cultivation below and discover what makes each method unique and the impact on the final product.

Indoor Grown Cannabis

Every aspect of the controlled environment of indoor cultivation, from light intensity to humidity levels, is meticulously managed. This method demands substantial investment in resources and equipment, promising precision and consistency in both yield and quality.

Outdoor Grown Cannabis

Opting for outdoor cultivation means embracing nature’s bounty, resulting in larger plants and plentiful harvests. However, it also means dealing with the unpredictable whims of weather and the occasional invasion of pests. Additionally, the country where the plants are grown outdoors determines the ultimate quality and price of the product.


In this setting, environmental factors are controlled, while natural sunlight nurtures the foliage. By incorporating additional lighting and regulating climate conditions, growers meticulously craft the ideal environment for optimal plant growth. Cultivating cannabis in a greenhouse capitalises on the primary advantage of outdoor growth: the warmth and light of the sun. Simultaneously, the greenhouse protects plants from drawbacks such as adverse weather conditions.

Different Growing Mediums

Growers have the option to choose a range of growing mediums based on their preferences and production objectives. Environmental factors are crucial in cannabis cultivation and the diversity of growing mediums is as varied as the strains themselves. The choice of medium can profoundly influence the growth and quality of cannabis plants. In the following sections, we’ll explore the different growing mediums.

Hydroponics: picture a world where traditional soil is replaced by a carefully balanced concoction of essential nutrients dissolved in water. In hydroponic cultivation, plants absorb mineral nutrient solutions directly, bypassing the need for soil altogether and promoting faster growth and higher yields due to efficient nutrient absorption. Moreover, growers can easily adjust nutrient levels and pH levels to suit the specific needs of different plant varieties, creating an ideal growing environment tailored to each crop.

Aeroponics: ever heard of plants growing in thin air? In aeroponics, the cannabis plants thrive in a misty environment, their roots bathed in a nutrient solution. This water-saving method is becoming increasingly popular among indoor growers for its efficiency in nutrient delivery.

Soil-based: whether it’s nutrient-rich earth or bioactive soil ecosystems, traditional soil-based cultivation mimics nature’s embrace to nurture and support plant growth. This method offers a natural approach to cultivation.

Aquaponics: envision a seamless symbiosis between fish and plants. Aquaponics merges aquaculture with hydroponics, leveraging fish waste to nourish plants which simultaneously fosters optimal growth and purifies the water for a mutually advantageous partnership.

Innovative Techniques: Maximising Yield

Growers are constantly on the lookout for top-notch growing methods to maximise their crop yields. That’s where techniques like training cannabis plants come into play. Not only does it boost yields, but it also minimises the risk of diseases and enhances the overall vibrancy of the crops. Let’s dive into these techniques below!

Screen of Green: (ScrOG): the ScrOG technique is a training method designed to create a uniform and horizontal canopy, offering a multitude of advantages. In their natural growth pattern, cannabis plants tend to grow taller rather than wider. With ScrOG, the goal is to manipulate the plant’s growth by lifting lower branches and lowering upper branches, spreading them out evenly across a horizontal plane.

To implement ScrOG, growers place a screen above the growing medium and guide the branches through the mesh as the plants develop. By gently bending and positioning individual branches along the screen, cultivators achieve a flat and uniform canopy. While ScrOG can yield impressive results on its own, combining it with other techniques can further enhance the outcome.

Sea of Green (SOG): the SOG technique is a strategic method employed to maximise yield within a confined growing space. Instead of cultivating a few larger plants, this approach involves growing numerous small plants closely packed together in a compact area. This dense arrangement encourages the plants to grow collectively, forming a lush canopy of buds, resembling a “sea of green”. By implementing SOG, growers induce the plants to enter the flowering stage much earlier than usual, utilising their canopy space more efficiently. Since the plants are grown in a tight cluster, they can initiate the flowering stage at a smaller size and this accelerated growth results in a higher yield within a significantly shorter harvest period.

Super Cropping: the super cropping technique involves intentionally stressing the plant by strategically breaking and bending certain branches to enhance its overall performance. Also referred to as High Stress Training (HST), super cropping aims to stimulate the plant’s growth and productivity by exposing it to elevated levels of stress. By selectively breaking and bending the most developed branches, growers can improve the plant’s light penetration, reducing shadows and increasing the exposure of buds to light. This ultimately leads to a higher yield. However, super cropping requires precision and finesse, making it more suitable for experienced growers with an in-depth understanding of cannabis plants. This technique can be utilised to boost growth during the vegetative phase or to boost yield during the flowering period.

Certification: Going Green with Clean Green

The Clean Green certification sets the benchmark for cannabis companies globally. Established in 2004, this certification programme encompasses cannabis producers, processors, handlers and cultivation products. It strictly adheres to the highest standards observed in the food and agriculture industry and it holds the title of being the world’s longest-running certification programme of its kind in the United States.
To attain Clean Green certification, producers and manufacturers must meet rigorous guidelines. While organic claims for cannabis remain unregulated, achieving Clean Green certification demonstrates a commitment to regulatory compliance.

Understanding Pricing

Ever wondered why cannabis prices vary so wildly? It’s all in the genetics and growing conditions. From the soil they’re rooted in, to the techniques used to nurture them, every aspect of cultivation plays a role in shaping the final product’s quality and price. Moreover, the expense of growing cannabis can vary significantly between countries, with some boasting extensive experience in cultivation compared to others where it’s a relatively new practice.
So, the next time your specialist doctor issues your medicinal cannabis prescription, take a moment to reflect on the fascinating journey it undertook! From its humble beginnings in the soil to the cultivation techniques employed, your prescription has evolved from a tiny seed into a tangible product.

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