Vaping Medicinal Cannabis


Cannabis flower has traditionally been placed in to rolling paper alongside tobacco and smoked, however there are a growing number of studies and research into the benefits of vaping medicinal cannabis rather than smoking.

Not only is smoking cannabis illegal in the UK, but tobacco releases thousands of harmful chemicals into the body, some of which are carcinogenic. There can be prolonged exposure to tar in smokers of cannabis because some users often hold the smoke in their lungs for longer than they would when smoking tobacco alone to increase the amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) absorbed by the body.  Tar contains cancer-causing chemicals, and it can also attach to the lining of the lungs leading to long-term conditions such as emphysema or Chronic-Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Vaporising on the other hand involves heating the cannabis flower to a temperature that releases the active chemical compounds in the form of vapour which is then inhaled using an electronic device.

So whilst the most obvious reason to choose a vaporiser is your health, there are other additional benefits from using a vaporiser;

  1. Flavour and Aroma

Vaporising releases the cannabis flower terpenes and flavonoids better than smoking due to the lower temperature used. These flavours and aromas are different strain to strain and are believed to have an ‘entourage effect’ with beneficial properties such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidants.


  1. Temperature

Vaporisers allow precise temperature control, which can be beneficial for maximizing the therapeutic effects of cannabis. Different cannabinoids and terpenes vaporize at different temperatures, and by adjusting the temperature, you can target specific compounds. Smoking, however, can reach higher temperatures and may cause some compounds to degrade or burn off.


  1. Efficiency and dosage control

Vaporising can be more efficient than smoking as it can extract a larger proportion of cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis. Often when smoked Cannabis is lost due to side-stream so less of the cannabis enters your lungs. Additionally, vaporisers allow for better control over the dosage since you can adjust the temperature and inhale smaller, more controlled amounts of vapor.


  1. Convenience and portability

Vaporisers come in various forms, including portable options such as handheld devices which are more discrete and convenient than smoking and so can be used in a wide variety of settings.


  1. Social acceptance

Smoking cannabis may not be socially acceptable in certain settings due to the smell and the association with smoking. Vaporising can be less intrusive in terms of odour, making it more socially acceptable in some situations.


Vaping medicinal cannabis involves:

  • Grinding the flower; so, the flower can be heated and vaporised up evenly.
  • Pack the ground flower into the chamber, usually between 0.25g to 0.5g, depending on the dosage instructions from the prescriber, then seal the chamber.
  • Adjust the temperature setting; select the desired temperature setting based on the boiling point of the desired terpenes and their beneficial properties.
  • Let the vaporiser warm up to the desired temperature, this may take a few minutes.
  • Inhale through the mouthpiece, place your lips around the mouthpiece and inhale, holding the vape in your lungs for 5-10 seconds then slowly exhale.
  • Once you are done throw away the flower once you can no longer taste it anymore.

These instructions may vary between the devices, please check your instruction manual for specific instructions relating to your vaporiser.

There are some drawbacks to vaping medicinal cannabis, however these can be managed with additional preparation and learning how to use the device effectively.

  1. Preparation

Cannabis flower will need to be prepared for use in a vaporiser, usually by grinding the flower to create a larger surface area from which the heating is more effective at extracting the chemical compounds. This will require the purchase of a grinder alongside the device, but these devices are inexpensive.


  1. Device familiarisation

Using a vaporiser initially will take some learning, but this is fairly simple and users become proficient very quickly and learn over time to master the use of these to get the best from their medicinal cannabis.


  1. Battery Life

Ensuring your device is charged or you have access to mains power to use your vaporiser might take some time getting used to, but as with other portable handheld electronic devices, they have good battery life and patients.


  1. Maintenance

Vaporisers require some regular maintenance to keep their performance optimal, mainly through cleaning and the replacement of parts if they become damaged or worn out, but this is simple to perform and takes little time.


There are only 3 approved vaporisers that are recommended for medicinal cannabis patients all produced by Storz & Bickel.  Whilst on first glance these vaporisers appear expensive, especially compared to rolling paper, in the long term the additional benefits and efficiency gained from vaporising is much more beneficial compared to smoking medicinal cannabis. For more on these vaporisers please visit the Storz & Bickel shop at the Newgrove Pharmacy website.

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