Travelling with Medicinal Cannabis

Can I take my medicinal cannabis medication with me on holiday, is a common question asked by our customers.  Most countries will allow people to bring their medicinal cannabis with them on holiday, and we will try to simplify the relevant information to minimise the stress so you can travel safely with your medicinal cannabis Travelling with Medicinal Cannabis

Driving and Medicinal Cannabis

What are the rules around using prescribed medicinal cannabis and driving?   It’s illegal in England, Scotland and Wales to drive with legal drugs in your body if it impairs your driving.   Like alcohol in the system, it is difficult to give an absolute figure of what constitutes safe levels in practical terms and Driving and Medicinal Cannabis

Vaping Medicinal Cannabis

  Cannabis flower has traditionally been placed in to rolling paper alongside tobacco and smoked, however there are a growing number of studies and research into the benefits of vaping medicinal cannabis rather than smoking. Not only is smoking cannabis illegal in the UK, but tobacco releases thousands of harmful chemicals into the body, some Vaping Medicinal Cannabis